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Glenn Smithson crowned River Champion

Congratulations to Glenn Smithson for winning recognition as a River Restoration Centre (RRC) Champion for 2018. Glenn has led all our in-channel work over the last year in Abbey Gardens (pictured here in action, orange jacket) and co-led the work at Bell meadow. Glenn also led the recent major clearing exercise in the Linnet and our Himalayan Balsam outings!

The RRC said: “Glenn is an advocate, and knowledgeable practitioner of river restoration in his spare time. He is a member of the historical Lark Angling Preservation Society and has carried out restoration on the Lark. He also works with the Wild Trout Trust nationwide. Glenn is a key partner in the River Lark Catchment Partnership where he works with multiple organisations to deliver restoration, including the Dig&Dump project, and enhancing chalk streams using a range of techniques. As well as this, he has attended lots of events to engage with the public to teach, influence and engage people in river restoration. Glenn helps out with organising people, materials and evidence in order to deliver projects, and helps with applications for Flood Risk Activity Permits.”

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  1. Sounds like an excellent man to have on board. Well deserved.

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