???????????????????????????????The Water Meadows group came together to help safeguard a large green open space that is part of the character of the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds.

The Group comprises concerned residents, major local associations and groups, and members of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

The Rivers Lark and Linnet, and the land around them, have been essential parts of Bury St Edmunds for many centuries. These precious green spaces and rural landscapes are very important in contributing to the town’s historic setting and identity. To retain the character of the town, and preserve its heritage, they should be considered as key elements of the town for future generations.

The Bury Water Meadows Group was formed with two main objectives:

  1. To preserve the area of land known as the Leg of Mutton (between the River Lark, Rougham Road, and the A14) as a green open space ensuring that no development is permitted.
  2. To explore options for the improvement of the whole area, including the area of land on the other side of the River Lark, known as No Man’s Meadows, as a green space that the residents of Bury, and visitors, can visit and enjoy, now and for the future.

Group members are calling for sensitive care of the area, described as a key element of the character of Bury St Edmunds to be enjoyed by current and future generations of residents and visitors.