BWMG Committee 2021/22

Chairman: Andrew Hinchley
Secretary: Libby Ranzetta
Treasurer: Ian Campbell

Committee Members
Jillian Macready
Julian Case
Iain Carruthers-Jones
Richard Counihan

Opportunities for co-options for the year are open! Please contact any committee member to discuss.

Honorary Professional Advisers
Jim Stephens, River and Water Policy
Richard Summers, Town Planning


  1. As an adhoc member of work parties organised by Jillian Macready I would just like to leave a comment about Jillian needing to bring drinks and cakes for us volunteers. IMO Jillian has and does a tremendous job and should not need to organise and brink food and drinks for us volunteers on top of all the other things she does.
    Perhaps the chairman on his visits to see the working parties in action could take over this task by coming along at around the halfway point with some refreshments which would be very welcome particularly when the work is particularly tiring.
    If Andrew is not able to undertake this task perhaps a rota could be devised or better still just leave it to volunteers, if they require it, to bring along their own food and drink.
    This comment is not meant as a criticism of any person but I do believe Jillian has enough on her plate (pun) without having to organise food and drink happy though she is to do this.

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