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Help us preserve our rivers and water meadows

Bury Water Meadows Group is funded through donations, membership and fund raising activities. We exist through the generosity of our members, supporting our activities and giving their time.

If you would like to help support our mission to preserve Bury’s rivers and water meadows- please join us!

Membership is only £7.50 per year, or £15 for a family, and this allows you to join work parties, to access to our meetings and interesting talks and to get updates on our progress.

Please complete our application form  if you would like to join us – we truly appreciate your support!


By taking part in our volunteer groups, you can make a real difference to river restoration and habitat conservation in the water meadows. Our groups include:

Litter Picking Main litter picks take place twice a year with additional in-channel picks depending on river conditions.

Wildflower Planting BWMG has received a grant from Anglian Water to support planting of wildflowers and plants on Bury’s water meadows

River Restoration BWMG is working with the River Lark Catchment Partnership on river restoration work on the Bury section of the Lark

Biodiversity Surveying A small-scale activity is underway to survey our river and water meadows on a regular basis.

If you are interested in any of these activities and not yet on the relevant volunteer list, please get in touch.

Data protection statement

Information about members is held solely for the purpose of contacting them about group activities and relevant information including volunteering opportunities.

We may hold additional information on volunteers, such as activities undertaken training undergone, special skills, special needs.


  1. After my husband speaking 2 a very lovely inspirational lady and gentleman, picking up litter around the rugby club 2day, for the Bury water meadows group. My husband was so impressed, with the loveliness of people, that we have joined the group. It is so wonderful as members of the rugby club, that other people were willing to look after that area. Also as members of Saint Edmund pacers, we use that as a running route, and will promote your actions within the club.

  2. Hello
    Just wanted to make you aware that there is a giant hog weed on the river linnet near opposite to Saxon Rise.You may already know about it, but as the river bed is completely dry and children travelling to / from Westgate school do like exploring along here, had some concerns about the risks.
    Thank you.

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