Jonny Rankin’s Dove Step

Jonny Rankin, a fellow Bury resident, has swapped an enthusiasm for heavy metal with inspirational endurance events spurred on by his love of birdwatching and a particular interest in the turtle dove, which has seen dramatic declines in recent years. With help and encouragement from friends and the RSPB he has completed three ‘Dove Step’ journeys – each more strenuous than the last, to raise money for turtle dove research.

To date, Dove Step has raised over £15,000 in support of Operation Turtle Dove. Another Dove Step challenge is in the practice phase. Jonny explained during his talk to the group on 21st June, the declines seen in recent years and the possible causes of this decline in a bird we can’t really call our own; there is an international element to its lifestyle since it migrates over sometimes hostile territory every year. He described in graphic detail his adventures along the way including the sight of the damage to his feet by ill preparation for one of the trips; though that image was not as distressing as seeing a pile of dead turtle doves – this bird is on the brink of extinction remember – next to a gleefully smiling man in dark sunglasses, and a rifle.

Sam Lee of the RSPB’s Operation Turtle Dove came along to the talk, and she explained what some of the research the money Jonny is raising, has achieved. If you are interested in learning more or donating to the fund, see here.