River restoration

We are now working with The River Lark Catchment Partnership, the group for the whole of the Lark River as this provides direct access to Environment Agency (EA) technical advice, funding and facilitation of formal permits needed to get the work done.

The good news is that the EA has received funding for work on the Lark for 2017-18 and probably the two following years. This can be distributed to partner groups such as BWMG and the angling clubs who have done so much over the years on river restoration work, for projects such as the one we got involved in in March this year to lay wildflower turf and put coir matting in the river for marginal habitat. For this work, we were able to use both our trained in-channel volunteers and planting volunteers. If you want to get involved in volunteering please contact us.

The next Bury site is likely to be where the Lark runs between Bell Meadow and the British Sugar woodlands.​​​​​​​

lennylarkHere’s an old map from 1823 showing the River Lark from Bury St Edmunds to Mildenhall (from St Edmundsbury Chronicle)