What we do

Bury Water Meadows Group projects

Our current activities involve a mixture of practical conservation work in-river and on the riparian land; the development of new paths along the Lark; and policy work to address the threats and challenges our green spaces face – in particular our rivers (which should not be green but often are).

The list below gives outlines each activity, with links to more detail.

No Mans Meadow
Maintenance of white elm saplings and wildflower patches
Longer term: development of management plan similar to existing Ram Meadow management plan and maintenance agreement with WSC for habitat creation and possible Local Nature Reserve designation
The Crankles
Maintenance of saplings, meadows both sides of Kevelaer Way, Lark and Linnet river banks and bio-piles
Abbey Gardens bankside East (St James’s side)
Maintenance for biodiversity
Longer term: tie in with Heritage Partnership plans
Abbey Gardens bankside West (within the grounds, from footbridge to Abbots Bridge)
Maintenance of gabions and wildflower turf
Ram Meadow management
7-year management plan in conjunction with WSC
Local Nature Reserve designation
Ram Meadow noise barrier
Conducting accoustic assessment
Lark Valley Path: Fornham Rd A14 bridge to Tollgate section
BWMG have funded “ransom strip” missing path section
SCC are ready to design/develop path and legally designate
Awaiting WSC consultation with residents
Lark Valley Path: Tollgate to Mildenhall Rd Co-op section
Exploring fund-raising options for a bridge/no specific agreement with SCC
River flow
Policy work to tackle chronic over-abstraction of the aquifer
Anglian Water have 5 year outline plan to augment flow
Water quality
Policy work to tackle pollution from farming and sewage works
Invasive species
Removal of himalayan balsam etc along the Lark and Linnet
Biodiversity surveying
Recording which species are present, training to help other volunteers carry out successful recording
Green space protection/planning control
Policy work on planning issues – River Lark Catchment Partnership with BWMG support have submitted 800 acre green river corridor plan to WSC for new West Suffolk Plan
Monitoring planning applications