Past events

The Forgotten Bees

26th September 2019

We all know bees are threatened, but it’s not the bees you think it is. Join Hawk Honey as he sheds light on The Forgotten Bees, why they are in trouble and what we can do to help.


Wandering into Pilgrimage in and around Bury St Edmunds and further afield

6th June 2019

Recently retired consultant gynaecologist, Dr Sarah Gull is also a BWMG member and stalwart volunteer, liking nothing better than tackling the nettles in the meadows. Sarah writes the Suffolk Pilgrim blog.


The Coal Rivers – the story of River Lark Navigation

25th March 2019

First barges arrive at Northgate Wharf 1892. From the book of Bury St Edmunds by Margaret Statham

David Addy, author of the website St Edmundsbury Chronicle, has created a goldmine of local history where there is so much to discover of interest. 150 years of supporting industry and business, the River Lark’s history is a fascinating tale.


Liz Cutting, A look at Suffolk Wildlife through the lens of a camera

29th November 2018 (preceded by AGM)

Liz Cutting has been a dedicated photographer for many years and her images have been used by many conservation organisations.  This will be a glorious photographic feast of our local wildlife. (Photo: Liz Cutting)

Matt Gaw, Canoeing up the Lark

4th September 2018

Matt Gaw is a writer and freelance journalist who lives in Suffolk. His first book, The Pull of the River: A Journey into the Wild and Watery Heart of Britain is to be published in April 2018 and includes his canoeing travelogue along the Lark to the Great Ouse.

Jonny Rankin

21st June 2018

Jonny Rankin is a Bury resident with lots to say about his love of nature. He writes regularly for the best–selling Bird Watching MagazineSince 2012 he has fundraised for Operation Turtle Dove and raised over £15k towards saving these iconic birds. 

Barry Bendall, The Rivers Trust and Water Resources East

15th March 2018

Towns such as Bury are expanding by 30%, farmers and industry also needs more water. Barry tells us how Water Resources East will find the answer to a long-term balance for our finite water resources. Barry also represents the Rivers Trust on the River Lark Catchment Partnership.

“Two Birds”

A talk by Marytn Taylor, Chairman, Bury Society (includes members’ AGM)

29th November 2017

Martyn,  a local guide and author, talks about the many interesting things he has discovered about the Lark and Linnet in a lifetime spent in careful observation of what’s around him.


Suffolk’s Butterflies

A talk by Mike Dean, Vice-chairman, Butterfly Conservation

20th September 2017

Suffolk is an important county for butterflies, many of which can be seen near our rivers and streams. Mike is well qualified to talk on Suffolk’s butterflies having chaired the county group for 10 years.

Coastal protection for East Anglia

A talk by Gary Watson, Environment Agency

29th June 2017

East Anglia has suffered from coastal erosion for many centuries. What are the current challenges and how are they being met? What changes might we expect over the next 50 years?

Reptile survey

Sunday 7th May 2017

The Bury Water Meadows Group is carrying out a reptile survey with the help of a local ecologist, Nick Sibbett. We will learn how to set up the survey, how to record the wildlife we find and what to do with the data. The survey needs to last about 7 weeks so that creatures get used to finding the mats to hide under. We will need to come back to the mats during the summer but there will be a rota so that no more than one return per person will be expected and it will be at your convenience!