Protecting Britain’s Chalk Streams

chalk stream Lark

Why are Chalk Streams Important?

Did you know that the River Lark and the River Linnet are chalk streams under threat unless we make sure they are protected? Chalk streams provide water to households and industry by way of an aquifier – an underground source of water. However, unless we take care of them this valuable source of water will, literally, dry up! See the video below for more information

“Protecting England’s Chalk Streams” – a Video from the World Wildlife Fund

Over three quarters of England’s unique chalk streams are failing to meet the required ‘good ecological status’ threatening some of the country’s most precious and irreplaceable countryside according to a report by WWF-UK.  

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A legacy of over abstraction and neglect has left chalk streams in Great Britain in a poor state!

There are only around 200 chalk streams in the world, and 85% of these are found in England, so we have a special responsibility to look after them. A combination of geology and climate means that our chalk streams have characteristic features that support special wildlife habitats and species.

Why bother worrying about chalk streams?

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Walking is Good for You!

walking the dogs

walking the dogsWalking is Great Exercise!

As the weather improves many of us feel more inclined to get out into the fresh air- walking is so much better without six layers of clothes! You may have made a New year’s resolution to get more exercise then lost enthusiasm when January and February winds and rain made staying indoors seem a better alternative. Perhaps you started at your local gym and lost heart after a while? Well, don’t give up on getting fit, just try something a little less strenuous, but just as effective; walking…

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier. It’s underrated as a form of exercise but walking is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers.

Walking is as Sociable as you Want it to Be…

The great thing about walking as exercise is, you can do it alone or with friends or loved ones, your choice. You don’t have to get a group of people together for a team, or even one person as a partner, you can be solitary or sociable.

If you want some time alone to clear your head, then walking in the countryside is a great way to get rid of those cobwebs and stress. if you are finding it hard to spend time with a loved one, suggest a walk. It can be great just you and your partner, walking, in silence that is companionable, or chatting about the day. Continue reading “Walking is Good for You!”

Final Local Plan for Bury ensures that any change to Leg of Mutton is for informal recreation only!

Local Plan Success!

There is now a new Local Plan for Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding St Edmundsbury area intended to run from 2014-2031. Following the Public Examination earlier this year where the Bury Water Meadows Group and local residents persuaded the Planning Inspector to not proceed with development of Leg of Mutton, the following words describe the only changes possible for Leg of Mutton:-

“15 Ha of land to the west of Rougham Road is allocated for use as amenity public open space for informal outdoor recreational use and associated facilities. Any development on the land will be limited to development directly related to that use, and must not have a detrimental impact on the setting of the Bury St Edmunds town centre conservation area in accordance with Policy BV26”

Thanks to everyone who has joined the Group and added their support in recent months!

Join Bury Water Meadows Group

Membership for 2015 is now available at £5 per person. We also offer a family membership for everyone at the same address of £10.

We want to build a strong group with a target of 150-200 members, so please do join!

Please print this form and send both cheque (made out to the Bury Water Meadows Group) and form to BWMG , 16 Garland Street, Bury St Edmunds IP33 2EZ.