2017 Speaker Meetings

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All meetings take place at the Quaker/Friends Meeting House, St John’s Street,Bury St Edmunds:

Tuesday 7pm 7th March 2017

Picture courtesy of Glenda Cole
Picture courtesy of Glenda Cole

Glenda Cole has proved herself an expert photographer of the Rivers Lark and Linnet and its wildlife and she regularly posts her pictures on Facebook and Instagram. She will present a collection of photos taken on the Water Meadows associated with our rivers and talks about how she goes about trying to capture the best shot of her subject each time​​​​​​​.

7pm Thursday 29th June 2017

Gary Watson, responsible for coastal protection for East Anglia, Environment Agency. East Anglia has suffered from coastal erosion for many centuries. What are the current challenges and how are they being met! What changes might we expect over the next 50 years?

7pm Wednesday 20th September 2017

Mike Dean Vice-Chairman, Butterfly Conservation, the national organisation to support butterfly conservation. Suffolk is an important county for butterflies, many of which can be seen near our rivers and streams. Mike is well qualified to talk on Suffolk’s butterflies having chaired the county group for 10 years

Wednesday 29th November 7pm

(preceded by AGM)
Martyn Taylor, Chair of Bury Society and local professional guide and author
“Two Birds” is the title of the talk which will range over the many interesting things Martyn has discovered on the Lark and Linnet