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Frances Giaquinto: invasive species

28/10/2020 @ 19:00 - 20:00

Dr Fran Giaquinto CEnv MCIEEM is a botanist and ecologist who spent her first professional years studying the interactions between organisms, particularly the beneficial relationships between fungi and birch trees. Her lifelong interest is habitat restoration. She has focused on invasive alien species for the last 12 years, developing methods of control which minimise harm to the environment. She is currently funded under Ireland’s National Biodiversity Action Plan to eradicate giant hogweed without the use of herbicide from the River Loobagh catchment in Co. Limerick.

This talk explains invasiveness in nature and why we are seeing a rapid increase in invasive species. It explains how plants become invasive, what their characteristics are, why they have a devastating impact on biodiversity, and how to prevent them from having a negative impact in your home and local environment. By the end you will have a toolbox of actions for prevention and early intervention against the most serious invasive species; tips for their effective control, and a checklist to prevent the growing problem of  garden escapes. The talk will end with a call to watch out for invasive alien tree diseases.


19:00 - 20:00