2017 Speaker Meetings

All meetings take place at the Quaker/Friends Meeting House, St John’s Street,Bury St Edmunds: Tuesday 7pm 7th March 2017 Glenda Cole has proved herself an expert photographer of the Rivers Lark and Linnet and its wildlife and she regularly posts her pictures on Facebook and Instagram. She will present a collection of photos taken on… Continue reading 2017 Speaker Meetings

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Why Water Meadows Are Important

What is a water meadow? The Rivers Trust explains it well….  http://www.theriverstrust.org/newsletter/winter_06/issue_10/newsletter.html Water meadows are quite distinct from other forms of wet grassland. Engineered topography, weirs, channels, sluices and sloping ‘panes’ of grass enabled a management regime that maximised productivity. The operation of water meadows required considerable skill from the ‘drowners’ who used to tend… Continue reading Why Water Meadows Are Important