Bury Water Meadows Group


The Leg of Mutton is a tranquil and well-loved open space which runs along the River Lark between the Abbey Gardens and Bury Rugby Club.  It is major unique piece of countryside between Bury town centre and still-expanding Moreton Hall area, but is now under immediate threat from development.

The aim of the Bury Water Meadows Group is to preserve this ancient open space with views across the valley to the historic core of the town for the benefit of all local people and the flora and fauna, and as an educational area

The Rivers Lark and Linnet, and the land around them, have been essential parts of Bury St Edmunds for centuries. To retain the character of the town, and preserve its heritage, they should be considered as key elements of the town for future generations.

Bury continues to expand rapidly and the town will double in size within a lifetime if the same rate continues. Future residents will greatly value this open space – Londoners would never build on Hyde Park or Wandsworth Common! Bury should think the same way!